xrdp security page

xrdp and security.

RDP uses RSA key encryption. RDP uses SHA1 and MD5 hash algorithms. RDP uses RC4 cypher algorithm.

The public key is sent to the client in the MCS data. The public key containers the exponent and modulus and a signature. Originally the details of how the signature was generated was a mystery. There is now a utility for creating a new rsakeys.ini file in xrdp.

Low, medium and high encryption levels. The xrdp.ini files provides a setting for the encryption level. It the crypt_level setting in the globals section. Valid setting are 'low,' 'medium,' and 'high.' Low is 40 bit client to server encryption. Medium is 40 bit two way encryption. High is 128 bit two way encryption.

RSA key generation. xrdp comes with a predefined RSA public and private key. To be completely secure, you should generate your own rsakeys.ini file. For information on how to do this, email me, Jay – jay.sorg@gmail.com.


Last updated 10/02/2007